Thraxxx “The MOVIE”


Thraxxx “The MOVIE” MixTape Review

As A Team Try To Make Their Name Global First You Have To Have Make A Great Artist That Will Put You Out There.When You Have That, Then Release A Tape That Would Have The World Like Who Is Tf Is Thraxxxx, They Did That With The Success  Of There Now Incarcerated Artist Big Flock Trillumanti Mix-tape, And A Single From Artist Lizzle&Freakshow Produced By YoungChop Called Big Boy Band Which Is A Party Anthem In The DMV, But We Are Not Here To Talk About That We Are Here To Talk About Their New Tape Thraxxx The Movie Featuring Their Whole Team.

The Intro Like A Movie Has A Feeling That Will Tell You What They Are About, It Has A Cool Beat& Explains That Their Life Is Like A Movie Full Of Drugs, Gunz, &Bitches. Then A Skit Freestyle From A Member Of The Team That Pasted Away. Even With That Shows That Their Whole Team Has Talent Its Not Just The One Man Crew.The Tape Continues With Their Hit Single BigBoyBandz, Then Another Skit. Then A Song Catches My Eye Which Is On Repeat Called We On It Which A Great Chill Track You Can Listen To Anywhere, Lets Continue With A Couple Other Great Tracks Like Number$, Their Trap Anthem Cant Help Myself,&Flex. The Mixtape Is Full Of Great Tracks Good Skits& Banging Beats With That Being Said What Is The Best Song On The Tape????. The Best Track In My Opinion Is Too. This Mixtape Has A Classic Rating Of 9/10. The DMV Should Be On The Look Out For Anything& Erything Thraxxx Drops. Im Rocking With Thraxxx The Movie WhyTfNott!!!

GoDownload ThraxxxTheMovieee

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